Mms Credit is starting to look after the next one

When one holiday is over, Mms Credit is starting to look after the next one. Love Day – Valentine’s Day – is approaching in rapid strides. From the worries of celebrating the day, you can release Mms Credit, which has something special in mind.

Mms Credit wants to delight its customers – new and existing – and, in this way, to make Valentine’s Day a pleasant event, gives them 2 tickets to the concert “Love at the Right Time”.

Valentine’s Day “Love at the Right Time” will take place on February 18th 20:00 Arena Riga.

On February 18 at Arena Riga you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great concert and capture a pleasant evening at the Valentine’s Day photo show. Listen to music, take photos, or just have a nice and romantic time with a loved one!

What do I need to do to get two tickets to Love at the Right Time?

What do I need to do to get two tickets to Love at the Right Time?

1) You must apply for your first or repeat loan;

2) Get money in your bank account – in just 15 minutes;

3) During the class you will receive a code for two concert tickets to your email address and mobile phone;

4) Change the code for your concert tickets! It is possible to change the code on the home page or at any  point of sale – you will find a list here – a list of point of sale;

5) The code can be used from 05.01.1013. until Feb 18 , 2013 ;

6) Remember – tickets are limited! Hurry up and don’t miss it!

With Mms Credit, new customers can still borrow at a bargain – the first credit is FREE ! The first time you can get a quick credit from 5 to 200 USD – you need to withdraw 150 USD to get your concert tickets.

Credit repayment – up to 30 days . With Mms Credit, you still have the option to extend your repayment term for a relatively attractive fee.

At Mms Credit you can get a cash loan from 5 to 400 USD:

At Mms Credit you can get a <a href=cash loan from 5 to 400 USD:” width=”632″ height=”428″ />

  • The first loan – from 5 to 200 USD;
  • Second loan – from 5 to 300 USD;
  • The third and all subsequent loans range from 5 to 400 USD.

Mms Credit Special Valentine’s Day Offer for Your Customers is your chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special atmosphere, but remember – before borrowing, evaluate your options to repay the loan! Borrow if you know you can repay the loan. Have a nice holiday and responsible borrowing!